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Experience an innovative and dynamic way of practicing two ancient traditions!  Susan's Qi-Gong-Yoga combines qi-gong and yoga asanas with an integration of breath, meridian work and more, enhancing energy flow and building strength for a greater sense of confidence and wellbeing. 

Chi-Gong-Yoga-movment and stillness, is an integration of Yoga and the Chinese system of cultivation and control of our higher vital energy for preventative health, physical stamina and emotional and spiritual  peace.  Qi means air, breath of life or vital essence, Gong means work, self-discipline, achievement or mastery.

This unique style, based on Indian yoga and Asian qi-gong is a method of various asanas, stretches, breathwork, movements and visualizations aimed at revitalizing our physical and spiritual selves.  Qi-Gong-Yoga can energize and balance our Meridians-energy pathways along the body-which when activated nourish and balance the Qi of our physical body and systems, our Shen/heart-mind and our Jing/core longevity and spiritual energy.

Integrated into this system is Corrective Movement-born of the Japanese undo system consisting of movements, stretches and yoga-like postures which stimulate or sedate those areas of our bodies which are out of balance, bringing Qi and blood to deficient areas and giving us access to increased empowerment and harmony of or systems and health.

The techniques in these classes are easy to learn and highly beneficial for strengthening the immune system, circulation, digestion, metabolism, the bones and muscles, and enhancing one's peace of mind and well-being, to enhance physical and mental strength and flexibility, reduce stress, aches and fatigue, and to improve the balance of internal/external Qi (Chinese) Ki (Japanese) life energy flow.

"Susan's Qi-Gong-Yoga workshop was an amazing experience for her 100+ attendees during our  conference.  They were raving about how she imparted not only the experience of the movements, yoga, stretches and Meridian work but with compassion, care and skill guided the students in their transformational inner work as well.  They were glowing.  I personally took a look and it was incredibly beautiful to observe Susan's workshop."

Marnie Morrione, Conference Director, Integrative Healthcare Symposium, NYC

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