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Shiatsu-Energy Balancing Sessions
Experience a personal transformation.

Based on Asian Medicine and healing arts the body has energy pathways (meridians) and acu-points which connect to your organs and systems. When this flow of energy ("Ki-Qi") is blocked by physical, mental or emotional stress your health is affected.

Susan’s gentle hands-on approach of shiatsu and acupressure has developed over her many years of study and her clinical experience with people of all ages and in all stages of health and healing.

To access the smooth flow of your energy systems within she uses
* various techniques of touch and pressure along themeridians, muscles and acu-points of the body and face
* breathing and corrective movements and exercises
* energy and emotional re-balancing
* body mind integration

Her sessions can address; headaches, back, neck and shoulder problems and pain, facial lines and wrinkles, fatigue, stress, holding patterns, insomnia, weight loss and body image, reproductive, digestive and sleep imbalances, arthritis, immunity, flexibility concentration, and more.

Personalized for your needs the
bodywork treatments can help you

* strengthen your body’s process of establishing balance and relieving discomforts
* relax and connect with your inner self
* improve your posture, alignment, fitness and muscle tone
* release body-mind holding patterns
* rejuvenate your natural healing abilities

"I know that I am able to walk freely and be pain free from chronic knee arthritis and serious spinal problems due to Susan's most capable and effective work. Her expert acupuncture conbined with bodywork and her nutrutional guidance are priceless." Adele James, NY

A gift of care and love.
Gift Certificates are available upon request for acupuncture or shiatsu-acupressure treatments or for a Combo Treatment, a session which includes both!

24 hour cancelation fee applies.
House calls and Site visits are also available.





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