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Classes and Presentations

Susan is available to present lectures, workshops and courses for your group, clinic or event. Her presentations have been offered in NYC, throughout the US, Asia and Europe.

She offers a wide range of teaching topics for both small and large audiences. Her venues include the United Nations, health and wellness centers, corporations, hospitals and clinics, cancer centers, women's organizations, universities, private groups and events, acupuncture and bodywork schools.

Susan teaches locally in New York at, for example, NYU, The Olive Leaf Center, The UN, St. Vincent's Cancer Center, The Natural Gourmet Cooking School.

"We are very pleased and excited to have Susan Krieger on board with her innovative Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and Wholistic Health courses. An expert in her field, she is an articulate, motivational and dynamic teacher." Diann Witt, Director, Center for Career, Education and Life Planning at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies


The topics for each presentation will vary according to the needs of the participants and audiences. Susan may address individual or a combination of topics as:

Wholistic Health for the 21st Century; Acupuncture, Chinese and Asian medicine-bodywork and healing arts; Qi-Gong-Yoga; natural food nutrition and the Energetics of foods for improving allergies, sinisitus, seasonal ailments, arthritis and osteoporosis, colds and flues, stress management, Rejuvenating women’s health/strengthening women's cycles, bones and hormones.

Body-mind medicine, raising energy levels, nutrition and emotional health for sugar balance, mood swings, digestive and weight issues; self Shiatsu/Acupressure for anxiety, fatigue, back pain; integrative macro biotics, the Five Elements-Healing Phases of Chinese Medicine, Asian assessments and face readings, moxa, cupping; the Chakras, qi-ki and breath cultivation, yoga, corrective movement and exercises.

Weight and body image, Wholistic and Asian medicine for health empowerment, Whole Health Nutrition for immunity, allergies, heart health and rejuvenation, Qi-gong for relaxation and strengthening the back and spine, and self acupressure for joint mobilization and pain problems.

"Self empowerment is about trusting,
participating and making positive
changes in our lives".

Susan is available to speak with you regarding your request to have her present to your corporation, group or center.





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To Invite Susan to present for your group or event, please call 917-678-2484 or email:

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