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wavesSusan Krieger is an internationally recognized practitioner, teacher and counselor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Ki-Shiatsu-Asian Bodywork and healing arts, whole health nutrition, integrative macrobiotics, assessments and face readings, women’s health,

Susan is Board Certified by the NCCAOM in Acupuncture and Asian Bodywork Therapyr, is a NY State licensed acupuncturist, an AOBTA Founding member and Certified practitioner and instructor, a Certified Health and Nutritional Counselor.

Qi-gong-yoga, breathing and corrective exercises, movement and postural alignment, the chakras, the energetics of foods, medicinal plant and food remedies.

For over 30 years of clinical and teaching experience Susan has helped countless numbers of people strengthen and regain their health.

In the l970's she was a pioneer in spreading wholistic health and Asian medicine, wholistic nutrition and shiatsu throughout the USA and Europe. She opened the first natural foods-macrobiotic restaurant in England, taught cooking and provided her clients health and nutritional counseling and treatments based on the teachings and practices of Japanese, Chinese and Body Mind Medicine.

Susan has studied with and assisted such masters as the late renowned Dr. John Shen, acupuncturist and diagnostician, the late master of food as medicine Aveline Kushi, Michio Kushi, Kishi, Sister Palma of Oxford University and the Tibetan Himalayas, Yamamoto, Mark Seem, Kiiko Matsumoto to name some. Susan was a Founding Board member and the AOBTA Vice President for 5 years. She has studied and worked in her field over many years in Great Britain, Europe, the US, Canada, China and is a graduate of Tri-State Acupuncture College in NYC. Susan is a founding member of the New York City Veterans Acupuncture Clinic, affiliated with Acupuncturists Without Borders.

Susan has served on the Faculty of NYU, The Kushi Institute, presented for The United Nations, and much more; upon invitation she presents lectures and workshops throughout the NYC area, the US and abroad

"Empowering one's health and life includes a willingness to give and receive love and care, to connect with self illuminating and effective healing practices and to work and play with fulfillment."

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